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Just some kotlc oneshots—mostly fluff but some angst. Tam started gathering shadows and sending them towards Fintan.


”Look,”Linh turned to study her brother,”Will.

. “It’s so hot!!” she whined, “And my feet are tired. .

Hea is a rather interesting young teen, and when she meets new friends, her life only gets more spicy.

Will keep y’all updated. “Linh’s not helpless, you know,” Biana countered. The Broken Hero (A Percy Jackson and Keeper of the Lost Cities Crossov by Estelle Maxwell reviews.

In the story I will ship Sokeefe, Tamiana, Dexrella, Fitstina, Willinh and Maruca x Jensi. Actually, not frightened apprehensive seemed to be a better word.



“The only truth is in the clouds. .

Tiana: Heart Ache. A TIANA KOTLC FANFIC.

Jul 26, 2020 · Linh said, cuddling a dog with creamy white fur.
”Are you okay, Tam?”Linh asked as she plopped down on the couch next to Tam.


10 parts.

, Tam S. One day, they meet a strange boy named Everly, who turns out to be an elf from the Lost Cities and the son of Sophie and Keefe Foster. Backstory For How.

Sort by: Hot. He was one who saw things clearly. “No one was asking you,” she shot him a death glare. (a series of semi-related one-shots. Shared Projects (5) View all. Works and bookmarks tagged with Tiana(kotlc) will show up in Tam Song/Biana Vacker's filter.

Tiana - Freeform; Matchmaking issues; Heavy Angst; Angst with a Happy Ending; Relationship Problems; Break Up; Good Friend Biana Vacker; Sophie Foster Needs A.

. KOTLC In A Murder Mystery by denkissibling Fandoms: Keeper of the Lost Cities Series - Shannon Messenger Teen And Up Audiences; Major Character Death, No Archive.

The book Neverseen implies that Tam finds Biana attractive when he tells Keefe that he won't join the Sophie Foster fan club and then quickly glances at Biana.

Fanfiction Romance.

Biana: Hi, Tam.

Jul 26, 2020 · Linh said, cuddling a dog with creamy white fur.