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And our All for Books ™. The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to your school! In 1981, Scholastic launched its in-school book fairs business with the purchase of a California book fair.

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All of their books are a great bargain and the kids can afford them. 2011. level 2.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, scholastic catalogs were a big part of my childhood! 9. 99 Becker, Tom Nighttrap £6. Depending on your school’s sales you will earn 10 - 30% of books and sidelines sold at your book fair! We have the following sliding scale set up: < $2,000 = 15%. How do I log in to access my eWallet? 35723 Views • Mar 7, 2019 • Knowledge. English.

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Scholastic Book Clubs Rewarding for teachers, easy for families, fun for kids— a love of reading is inside every Book Box.

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