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To verbalize your thoughts.

Barretto - Andrew Nathanial A.

. Ashley In a Suit You're so cute But I don't love you [Chorus] If I lead you on It's 'cause I'm haunted by A girl I like And she Does to me What I do To you [Chorus] If I lead you on It's 'cause I. .

I can wait for eternity.

. Lopez described the album as an "emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey she has taken over the past two decades. .

. Spoken: You're perfect.

You're worth this.


No matter what may come. .

. Kick off our shoes and dance.

This song is sung by Jennifer Lopez.

The mountain we're climbing? To the peak.

A manifestation of my dreams.

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No matter what may. 32K views 2 months ago #TUFF #Lyrics #Ben. Dear Evan Hansen and 11 more. I promise you that I will hold your hand. Only the two of us can understand.


I can wait for eternity. No matter what may.

You're perfect (Oh, perfect) I just can't control myself I can't be with no one else It seems I'm addicted To the way you like to touch me I don't think they understand Why I love at your command From the words you speak so deep Our bodies meet, I have to have you I love you, you're perfect A manifestation of my dreams You make my body feel.

Lo and Ben Affleck.

Spoken: You're perfect.


I know you're not the type.